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As e-cigarettes have increased in popularity, so have the numbers of electronic cigarette companies. Each company claims to have the “the e-cigarette that you need to try”. However, many of these companies fail to meet the expectations they advertise. Is there truly a brand that can claim it is the best? Honestly, every brand has its pros and cons.

When making the decision to switch to electronic vapor cigarettes, consider focusing on finding a brand that meets your needs along with trying a brand that is considered to be the “best”. If you are new to electronic cigarette smoking, it is a good idea to begin with a popular brand. The following reviews of some of the more popular e-cigarette brands should give you a little more insight.

Are E-Cigarettes a Good Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes?

The existence and increase in the popularity of electronic cigarettes may seem to be rather sudden. However, the concept of the smokeless, electronic cigarette has been around for many years. Invented in China, they have become one of the strongest alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The widespread passage of smoking laws has helped catapult e-cigarettes into the mainstream and led to a tremendous increase in the sales of electronic cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are surging in popularity in 2015 as in past years

E-Cigarettes are surging in popularity in 2015 as in past years

E-cigarettes may be considered to be a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, but this was not always the case. When they first came out on the market, they were not readily accepted. They may have been a good alternative to cigarettes but they did not provide the same experience. They did not resemble cigarettes. They were big and cumbersome. Using them was a pain; so many people did not make the switch. Today’s e-cigarettes are designed in a way where they are very similar to real cigarettes. Some are designed with glowing, red tips to replicate the smoking experience. This allows you to use them in public without feeling as if you are drawing attention to yourself.

Electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of actual tobacco cigarettes, but lack the bad side effects of the real ones. E-cigs use a vaporize that creates an inhalable gas. Cigarettes burn tobacco and produce smoke. You do not need to worry about not getting the relaxation effect that comes with traditional cigarette smoking. You can achieve these smoking an e-cigarette without dealing the harmful chemicals, like hydrocarbons, that smoking produces.

the logical line of thinking leads to E-Cigarettes as a smarter alternative

the logical line of thinking leads to E-Cigarettes as a smarter alternative

Should I Try Electronic Cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes are bad for you. Years of research and studying the effects of cigarette smoke has produced tons of evidence to demonstrate how harmful cigarette smoke is to our bodies and the environment. Smokers and non-smokers are very aware of the dangers our cigarette smoke – hence why they should quit the practice. Smokers are becoming more health conscious and are now looking for ways to kick the cigarette habit or find a good alternative to a cigarette.

E-cigarettes have many advantages over their tobacco counterparts. Electronic cigarettes are odorless and do not produce smoker or ash. There are also no cigarette butts to discard after smoking. Of course, the biggest advantages to e-cigarettes are the health benefits. Electronic cigarettes do not contain anything health damaging substances. Also, there is no need to worry about the effects that smoking an e-cigarette will have on the non-smoker next to you.

colors to customize mini volt ecigs

COLOR and look are just one area of ecigs you can customize

A Customizable Experience

Traditional tobacco cigarettes do not let you choose from a wide variety of flavors and strengths. In all honesty, they are pretty limited in the smoking experience they can provide. E-cigarettes come in three nicotine cartridge strengths: full, medium and light.

Being able to customize the strength of the nicotine is beneficial. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can do so gradually. Many people who use e-cigarettes to help with their smoking cessation plan start at full strength and work their way down to reducing the amount of until they reach the lights. Sure, the nicotine patch is an option.

However, it takes more time for the effects of the nicotine to be felt using a path than an e-cigarette. You can get your nicotine fix in a matter of seconds. Electronic cigarettes also help to provide a full, smoking experience. You can hold an e-cigarette in your hands, creating the physical feeling that is associated with smoking. This is something that cannot be accomplished with a nicotine patch.

Many brands offer their users many different flavor choices. Some flavors can be found across different brands, while other flavors may vary from one brand to another. There really is no shortage of flavors. You can smoke one flavor cartridge today and tomorrow try a different one. Again, not all brands carry the same flavors. So do you research into what brand carries the flavors you would like to smoke.

mini cigalike category e-cigarettes are small and easy to use

Convenient is the best way to describe MINI aka “Cigalike” e-cigs such as the kr808d brand used by V2 Cigs, Vapor4Life and other popular brands

Convenience – An Often Underestimated Consideration

E-cigarettes are convenient. You will not need to make sure to always carry a lighter. Electronic cigarettes are designed to be an all-in-one unit and come with a rechargeable battery. You will also save a ton of money in the long run. Purchasing an e-cigarette kit is less expensive, over time, than buying packs of cigarettes. One e-cigarette cartridge is the equivalent of 18 cigarettes.

Another big convenience to using e-cigarettes, you do not having to deal with smoking bans. Smoking bans are applicable to tobacco cigarettes. Because electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco (they work by creating a heated vapor that looks like smoke), they can be smoked in places where tobacco cigarettes are prohibited. You can smoke e-cigarettes in public places because they do not produce second hand smoke. You can enjoy them at your favorite restaurant and at work. You also won’t annoy people with the nasty smell that regular cigarettes produce.

A Parting Word of Advice

Just like with most consumer goods, it is a good idea to buy from an established company. These companies provide product warranties and have customer service representatives that will offer support. While you may pay more for the brands that offer these types of services, it is worth it. The customer service agents can help you figure out what e-cigarette is best for you. They can also provide tips on how to fully enjoy the e-cigarette experience. The popularity of the e-cigarette has caused many cheap e-cigarettes to appear on the market. The cheaper products do not have manufacturers that offer warranties. It is also very unlikely that they will provide any type of customer service.

The editors at Sandpiper E-Cigs Reviews have reviewed some of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes. We stand by the high quality of the brands we review and strive give you an unbiased review of electronic cigarettes.

We invite you to try one of our top rated E-Cig brands and have a great smoke-free, cigarette experience.



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