Sand Soft Products

The Visual Ontology Modeler™ is a visual application for building component-based ontologies. It is a UML-based modeling tool that enables ontology development and management for use in collaborative applications and interoperability solutions. Key features include:

  • A multi-user, network-based environment for ontology development in a rich, graphical notation.
  • Automated import/export facilities in XML schema, RDF, OWL, DAML, and MOF formats.
  • A feature-rich set of ontology authoring wizards that create and maintain the required UML model elements for the user, saving time and substantially reducing construction errors and inconsistencies.
  • Ability to utilize and leverage existing UML and MOF accessible business information.

The Visual Ontology Modeler implements Sandpiper’s UML Profile for Knowledge Representation, which extends UML to enable modeling of frame-based knowledge representation concepts such as class, relation, function and individual frames, as well as the slots and facets that constrain those frames. It also includes a library of ontologies that represent the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology (SUO), concepts relevant to XML schema, RDF, and DAML generation, as well as other basic concepts required to develop rich ontologies. It is supported as an add-in to IBM’s Rational Rose® Software, Enterprise Edition on Microsoft® Windows® 98 SE, Windows® 2000, Windows NT® and Windows® XP Systems.


The Medius Ontology Library extends the ontology libraries that are already bundled in the Visual Ontology Modeler for more advanced ontology development. The library includes utility ontologies for international and national metadata standards, such as dates and time, geopolitical concepts (e.g., countries, ISO country codes, a subset of the CIA World Fact Book), currency, addresses, units of measure, general metadata standards such as the Dublin Core, FOAF, SKOS, Government Information Locator Service (GILS), and ISO 11179, and application-specific ontologies. Available as a subscription service.


Sandpiper’s next generation framework for ontology, policy, and semantic web services development. The framework supports analysis, alignment, development, merging, and evolution, with consistency checking and validation for OWL DL, first order, and production rules-related applications. Options include deployment on IBM’s Rational Software Architect and No Magic’s MagicDraw initially, and rules support via several research and commercial inference engines.